On December 5, 2023, Great Leveler, a startup, successfully developed and initiated testing of the Asilisc Handy®, aimed at enhancing employee efficiency when using business applications on smartphones and personal computers.

The Asilisc Handy® represents a shift in AI trends, focusing on performing actions rather than merely responding to user queries. This innovative model actively collaborates with individuals in real-time to enhance their efficiency and speed.

Asilisc Handy® accelerates a range of actions, significantly improving the effectiveness of various business applications. Its primary focus is on taking charge of repetitive tasks and other routine work, and it can even initiate conversations with partners through channels such as email or SMS.

For instance:
- During a Zoom meeting with a customer, the LAM records and organizes the call transcript along with relevant CRM information.
- Post-meeting, the LAM reviews the transcript, highlights crucial moments, and sends a summarized version to the employee for easy review.
- The LAM identifies next steps, drafts follow-up emails, and searches for relevant documents as attachments, notifying the employee when ready for confirmation and proofreading.
- Leveraging its understanding of the employee's processes, the LAM suggests further steps for productivity, such as upsell opportunities or automatically proposing agendas for subsequent meetings.
- Throughout this process, the LAM keeps an eye out for signs indicating the involvement of other stakeholders. For instance, a customer displaying signs of dissatisfaction may be flagged as an "at-risk" account, prompting referral to a customer service specialist for satisfaction retention.

The user is only looped in for final approval as the decision-making moment approaches.

The potential of LAMs becomes even more intriguing when considering their creation for interacting with other LAMs or teams of LAMs.

Supported Software:


Onpay: Payroll
monday.com HR: Human resources (HR) management
ClickUp: Project management
Zoho CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM)
Zoho Books: Accounting
eHopper: Point-of-sale (POS)
Cin7: Inventory management
Weebly: Website builder
ZipRecruiter: Recruiting
RingCentral: Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP)
Microsoft 365
Sage Accounting
Hubspot Marketing Hub
Microsoft Office
Oracle Database

and much more.