Our flagship products

Asilisc Handy®

  • Connect any enterprise business application in Chain-of-Thought.
  • Integrated 24 pluggable global LLMs (OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Cohere, Bedrock, Ollama, Hugging Face, etc.)
  • On-premises LLM (Llama 3, DBRX, Arctic MoE LLMs to build RAG chatbots and copilots..
Jordan Taylor
Alex Bennett
Amelia Hill
David Wilson
Asilisc Porta®

  • Connect any enterprise business data.
  • Connecting Business Knowledge Safely via RAG Pipeline
Asilisc Secure®

  • Secure data output input with innovative neural model.
  • Ensuring thorough data validation.
  • An incredibly efficient protection against misinformation.
Asilisc Redist®

  • Fast integration Enterprise intelligence into to any enterprise business product with APIs.